Heaton Park Golf Club

Captain's Prize 2022
Cpt Jim Whitehurst

Exceptional turnout, good wheather and lovely food! Jim's day could not have been better...

with Rodney Hemingway with (from left) ?, ?, ?, Paul Wilson with (from left) Alistair Whitehurst, Paul Bloomfield, Tom Kemp, ?
with (from left) John Forshaw, ?, ?, ? with (from left) Eddie Gondwe, Jane Brown, Simon Brown, David Whittingham with (from left) Gary Leach, John Hunt, Chris Stone, Jonathan Baylis with (from left) Lou Malone, Allen Hewis, Adrian Aplin
with (from left) Reg Swindells, Dennis Parrock, Dave Garrett with (from left) Charlie Lean, Edoardo Castagna, Cyril Rice, Imo Kayoma with (from left) Elijah Nimbili, Darren Wales, Leon Schofield, John Bowers