Captain Eithne Ruddell - Captain Prize 2021

with (from left) Tom Kemp, Alistair Whitehurst, Pete Kemp

with (from left) Stuart Clover, Gary Leach, Jim Whitehurst, Bob Jackson

Mr Secretary

with (from left) Phil Marshall, John Forshaw, Martyn Kenyon, Imo Kayoma

with (from left) John Hunt, Allen Hewis, Jimmy Bardsley, Edoardo Castagna

with (from left) Paul Bloomfield, Jon Winstanley, Paul Gordon, Mark Allen

with (from left) Anthony Tresandern, Charlie Lean, Keith Halton, Ciryl Rice

with (from left) Dennis Parrock, Reg Swindells, Vinny Marcroft, Neil Rodda

with (from left) David Collins, Chris Stedman, Elijah Nyimbili, Anthony Grinnell